Pangasinan Folk Dances

Last Sunday I had a chance to have a bonding with my family. It happened that there was a trade exhibit going on at the capitol grounds in Lingayen, the capital of Pangasinan. The exhibit featured the various products conceptualized and developed locally in the Region. We saw our friends as well. The newly made museum-like building that housed art exhibits from impressionisms to surrealisms is fascinating. It was a delight to see artworks.

At early evening, Pangasinan State University students performed folk dances of Pangasinan. Unbeknown to many, even to my colleagues, I was a good folk dancer when I was in elementary grade. Now, I can still dance but my body is no longer as tender as it used to be. The picture on this post is a dance called binasoan. The dancers hold glasses that have lit candles inside them. The dance required the dancers to show grace and precision to keep the candles burning.

If given a chance to dance again like this, I’ll never hesitate but I’ll need to prepare myself. I need a little practice. And that what makes it perfect!

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  1. kelvin jay says:

    LIKE! y
    an po ba yung TRADE EXPO? sila po pala yung Cultural Dance troupe ng Pangasin Stated University

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